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Monday, January 4, 2010

Berpijak di bumi yang diberkati... ALHAMDULILLAH...



Sunday, January 3, 2010

to be jeles or not???

why do we get jeles?? how does jealousy work?? That bad energy, where does it come from???
Today De.Z had an argument with my love... I called her and I heard her other phone ringing.. So I asked her who that was.. She simply said an sms... I asked from who??? She pronounced another guy's name... I reacted probably like a fool I am simply said good bye and take care... Was that appropriate? It seemed like it at that time, but now I feel like a complete idiot... If only she knew how I felt.. I'm sorry my beloved one... Truly sorry....

A perspective without any prejudice..

Its how we should carry on with our everyday life... We shouldn't hate, we shouldn't take whats not ours, we shouldn't do anything which can result to a lost for another person, we shouldn't talk behind people no matter how bad the person is, we shouldn't think that we're better than anyone else in this world(we're all the same). We shouldn't steal from anyone, we shouldn't kill another life, we shouldn't hate our neighbors, we shouldn't gain from another s pain, we shouldn't take what isn't ours by anyway, we shouldn't fight over land titles (the land isn't even ours in first place). We shouldn't hurt another soul's feelings, we shouldn't make-up a story which would ruin ones life, we shouldn't be too wary about our wealth (give out and reach out!).. Think about these things and imagine the world follows such rules. Would there be wars? would there be hate? would there be poor? would there be hunger? would there be suffering? would there be beg-snatchers? Religion teaches us these things, but still the world is how it is.. What religion teaches us to steel? none! what religion teaches us to hurt people? none! Open ur eyes and realize that we can make the world a better place by making our own rules which is allowed as long as we don't make anyone else suffer.... That's my principle of life...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am a Sama!!!

'Sama' means 'bajau' in our native language of the bajau people... I am a hybrid u can say with a mix blood of the Bajau clan and the Dusun clan of Sabah Malaysia... I'm proud of it, by being part of the two largest ethnic group in Sabah.. I might not be able to speak clearly in both language but i'm still ANAK JATI SABAH!!!

According to legends, the people of southeast asia originated from the early civilization of the chinese emperor era.. Want to know more? Ask me.. hehehe...

Gambar hiasan sahaja!

Its okay, no hard feelings..

Do they really mean it? Well for me it doesn't really matter. we must always forgive... and to forgive is a gift of true virtue...